Entering the World Of Steam Punk Heroes Slot Game

Delve into an exciting world through the exhilarating experience, theme and gameplay brought by the one and only Steam Punk Heroes - a free slot game provided by one of the most respected big name in the industry of software platforms, Microgaming. With Microgaming gaming having developed this game, it is already evident that it will follow the high-standard quality of the games delivered by the platform. Through this game, you'll be able to try playing slots for free and enjoy a phenomenal, sophisticated and intricate system and gameplay served by it.

Steam Punk Heroes
$20000 JACKPOT
Software: Microgaming
Payline: 25
Reels: 5
Min. Bet: 0.01
Max. Bet: 50

The theme of the Steam Punk heroes is definitely mesmerizing and appealing. It shows off a vintage-like setup, with extreme attention-to-detail that will just keep your eyes wide open in excitement. The controls and the layout of the site are intelligently placed to allow users to have an easy time controlling and playing the game to their heart's content. What's more is that once you spin the reels, the animation moves seamlessly and quickly, providing superior convenience to players. Once the reel stop, you'll notice that some of the symbols on the game are built with epic animations that just makes the environment even more eye-opening.

This high-quality game comes in a gameplay that features 5-reels with 3-rows and over 25 paylines to give you winning combinations once the reels stop. There are scatter symbols and wild symbols on the game. As in any other game, the wild symbol is the one that will allow you to exchange them for any other symbol on the game which means that once you get them all on one of your payline, you'll have a jackpot combination. Not only that - once a wild symbol completes a certain winning combination, that winning combination's prize will automatically be increased twice its amount.

The Steam Punk Heroes, a free slot game from Microgaming, definitely makes a statement on how exemplary this provider is. If you're ever looking for an online slot to try and play, then this is definitely what you need.