Revel on the Exciting Stuffs Served By Elementals Free Slot Game

The combination of superheroes together with fruits is definitely oddity at its finest, but it's sometimes the oddest combinations that makes something more interesting. If you think that there is no way that a game will use such an idea, then think again as Microgaming's Elemental free slot game fits this bill perfectly. This kind of theme combination is definitely one-of-a-kind, which makes it very intriguing in its own way. With a compelling theme, design and an intuitive interface, there have been countless consumers out there that has already been hooked to this game and if you're curious why it happened, then it's up for you to try yourself.

Software: Microgaming
Payline: 20
Reels: 5
Min. Bet: 0.01
Max. Bet: 100

Given that the Elemental Free slot game is from the renowned software Provider, Microgaming - it's only safe to say that there's definitely a lot of room for expectations on this game. Fortunately, your expectations will certainly be met as the game offers not only an exemplary graphics and theme, but it also serves some serious gameplay and jackpot that you'll surely be more than happy to explore.

The graphics of the site is undoubtedly overwhelming and compared to other games out there, it's definitely crystal clear that this game is a cut above the others. The simple graphics of heroes and fruits, shows incredible attention-to-detail, paired up with crisp and high-quality definition that will truly give you a stunning experience to always remember. The layout of the site is intricately made and you'll be able to manipulate the controls easily as they are very easy to find and navigate.

As the name suggests, the game presents Elemental Heroes which follows the basic elements of the world which includes Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. The game features a 20 payline and 5 reel gameplay, with extra features for your convenience such as Auto Play and even an Expert Mode option. Like in any other online slots today, this one also has a wild symbol that you can use to replace for winning symbols. This means that if you get all of them on your paylines, you're definitely up for a stunning 5000 coin jackpot. There are also symbols that will trigger free spins for you, giving you more chance to win and get astronomical amount of prize. With the sleek and innovative graphics, animation and overall gameplay of the site, topped with mouthwatering jackpot and payout, this Microgaming game is definitely a must-try for slot lovers and wagers out there.