Winning Big With Progressive Casino Jackpots

Casino jackpots are very important to the gambling industry since they tend to serve as lures that bring people in from all over the world. There are a few different types of these out there, but the progressive jackpot is likely the most common as well as the most sought after. People want their chance to win hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in a single spin of a slot machine. What's more, these prize pools add another layer of excitement to slots that would otherwise be missing. It is much like a lottery; when the total climbs high enough, people who would normally never be interested come out of the woodwork to get their shot at winning big.

Mega Moolah
$12,000 JACKPOT
Software: Microgaming
Payline: 25
Reels: 5
Min. Bet: 0.25
Max. Bet: 6.25

The size of casino jackpots depends on a few different factors, though. For instance, a slot attached to a small network will generate smaller amounts of money than one attached to a large network simply because there are fewer people playing. Something else to consider is that these prizes tend to grow rather slowly at first but climb faster as the numbers grow. This is because the higher the potential winnings are, the more people there are who want their chance to grab them. It's quite noticeable for the most part, too. Users can watch as the number keeps climbing and climbing in real time.

Anyone who is looking for a great place to find casino jackpots that grow quite large will be sure to love All Jackpots Casino. This establishment uses Microgaming's popular Viper technology to bring users more than 500 titles in all - almost 200 of which are slots. What's more, they feature the Mega Moolah and Major Millions offerings, each of which regularly pay lucky players more than a million dollars. This establishment has been around long enough to establish itself as reputable and fair, and those who are interested in checking it out will get a 100% deposit match of up to $500 to welcome them. The software is available as a download but there are some titles that can be enjoyed with any Flash- or Java-enabled browser, as well.