How to Be Sure You're Playing at a Safe Casino

Many people want to try their luck with real money wagers, but aren't sure how to find a safe casino. With the high rates of identity theft, fraud, and information hacking, players have a reason to be concerned. The tips below will keep you secure, whether you're playing online casino games or surfing the web.

The first step to having a safe experience via the internet is to make sure that your personal computer is secure. If you're using a Windows computer, be sure to create a separate account for each person who uses it and protect each account with a password. This can all be done from your machine's control panel and will prevent unauthorized users from tampering with your system or your files. Separate, password-protected accounts will also keep other family members, like children, from accessing your account and making changes or charges. Just be sure to log out or lock the computer each time you walk away.

Internet activity, downloads, and email exchanges can also compromise the safety of your computer and may interfere with your security when you're gambling on the internet. Spyware, malware, and harmful viruses will not only affect your computer's performance, it can make you vulnerable to outside attacks anytime you go online. A safe online casino won't protect you from this type of threat, but a good anti-virus program will prevent it. Keep your protection software up to date and run scans often for maximum effectiveness. Once you're confident that your computer is secure, you're only concern will be finding a gambling website that is just as safe.

The online gambling industry is quite competitive and there are dozens of casinos that serve Canadian players. Because of the high rate of competition, most established websites do their best to protect the security of their customers. All Jackpots is a reputable, safe casino that offers excellent bonuses and a variety of games with big winning potential. One extra safety precaution you can take with any online casino is to disable the password auto-save feature in your browser so no one else can access the account from your computer.