Use a Strategy to Play Roulette

There are some people in Canada who often play roulette online or in land-based venues but who don't really understand the bets, the odds, or the strategies that can be employed. In fact, enjoying this casino classic is possible with just a few simple tips and tricks that anyone can understand. However, in order to get the best odds possible, people first have to find a venue that offers the European version of the game. Here, the double zero pocket that nearly doubles the house's edge has been removed, offering the player better odds and more fun at the same time.

Roulette Royale
Software: Microgaming
Payline: NA
Reels: NA
Min. Bet: 1
Max. Bet: 50

The next thing that everyone should understand before they sit down to play roulette is the odds that are associated with winning. Now, there are literally dozens of different bets in hundreds of possible combinations, but if someone really wants to win, it's important to play casino games in a way that has the best odds. In roulette, this means placing even money bets. They're called this because individuals win double their wagers if they are correct, and the odds are almost 50/50. The even money bets are even or odd, red or black and high or low numbers, and the only thing to offset that 50/50 shot is the presence of the single green zero pocket.

GrizzlyGambling Roulette Tips and Strategy

Now that the odds have been explained, let's take a look at the basic strategy. First, there is never any way to influence the outcome of any spin. This is a game of luck, pure and simple, so the best that anyone can hope to do is extend the bankroll as long as possible and go on a winning streak. Progressive betting systems like the Martingale system can be highly beneficial here since they are designed to help individuals recoup their losses, but they can also be devastating for people who choose to play at lower-limit tables. Once the maximum has been reached, that's it - the system fails to work. Overall, the best strategy is to stick with even money bets over a longer period of time and hope that Lady Luck isn't in favor of the house. All Jackpots Casino is a great place to get started because they offer free versions of this title as well as paid variants with excellent graphics and great bonuses.